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"After 38 years of being a firefighter and fire investigator I have seen my fair share of destruction and had to help dry the tears of those that lost everything.  Now I get to see the smiles and hear the laughter of friends sharing a nice glass of wine!" - Tom Bradshaw

We made wine privately in our home for several years.  In 2011 the first grape vines were planted and now we currently have 150 beautiful healthy vines growing.  In 2012 we started building a new barn and winery so that we could begin to offer the public our passion, our wine.  Our tasting room opened June 14, 2014, and has been a huge success!  We just added on a new addition to the winery for more seating and to have special events.  The outdoor seating area was also expanded to both porch seating and patio seating.

Along the way we have made some interesting wines and have worked hard to develop classic and diversely flavored wines. We have quickly become well known for our peach wine "Bodacious" which is a true southern style wine. Visit us and see what we mean by "Doing wine Southern Style".

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